Bedroom Wardrobe in Contemporary Apartment Interior Idea


Here you are served with a contemporary apartment that is designed in black and white with bedroom wardrobe. Done by Decoholioc, this interesting apartment can be your next living place contemporarily. You should observe some details that are going to be served here.

A fantastic view here shows you a modern design of room that is surely wonderful. The interior design is bright with various objects that are arranged so well. You can notice the design of the stairs that links you to the upper floor where you can meet a room likely for laying your body for slumbering there. Yeah, it looks like a bedroom. There is a laundry machine available, too. Browse contemporary apartment design which applies bedroom wardrobe ideas as well.

When you notice the bedroom mentioned above, it is limited with glass walls. There is also a nice curtain that can cover the bedroom and a room underneath the bedroom. Yeah, there is a room below the bedroom and it seems like a lounge. You can find a dark purple sofa with three different-color pillows there. In front of the sofa, there is a chic wooden coffee table.

In the lounge, you can find a long place for holding TV and other items. Covering a certain spot of the floor where the coffee table stands, you shall see a very nice fury rug. The flooring design use ceramics with light color. On the ceiling, you see that it is done in aslant style. There are nice round lamps sticking to the ceiling. This room is located lower from the room next to it.

Well, this place is a great one for you to spend your spare time with your family or friends. Tell your neighbor if you agree that this apartment is very good to be placed. You are recommended to spread this good news to anyone you want to give. For more references, see contemporary apartment design ideas of bedroom wardrobe cabinet, too.

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