Tips on Choosing Kitchen Lighting


Choosing Kitchen Lighting - Lighting plays an important role in the kitchen. It is not just a workplace where you have to look good but also a meeting place where the assured what may cozier eyes. How can you avoid dark corners and tips to combine ambient lighting with lighting work here.

3 types of lighting in the kitchen

By making use of different light sources can be the kitchen optimally reliefs in every situation. We distinguish general lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting.

1. General lighting

As the name suggests this is the basic lighting of the kitchen. This usually consists of a single point of light which is placed centrally in the space. The most commonly used fixtures this are recessed downlights LED, spot lights or traditional lighting fixtures. You only have one connection you should opt for a fixture with multi-directional spotlights.

2. The task lighting

Use task lighting prevents eye fatigue and shadows on the worksheet. This lighting is mainly placed under wardrobes and ceiling.

3. Mood lighting

The kitchen next cooking space is increasingly used as a living room and dining room. By opting for dimmable LED lighting and indirect lighting can bring you a simple and inexpensive way atmosphere.

LED strips in the kitchen

LED strips can be easily and quickly bring more light into the kitchen. They provide a uniform light distribution and are very compact so they can be placed almost invisible. A switch can be placed in and under the wall cabinets. LED strips consume less energy and give off heat as opposed to halogen lighting. Also in existing kitchens LED strips can be easily added.

In this kitchen LED lighting was provided on the upper side of the open shelves. For example, the cabinets are beautifully lit and you get a cozy atmosphere. In the kitchen cabinets themselves spot lighting was set to enter into force at the opening of the kitchen cabinets.

Lighting under the wall cupboards

Do you use wardrobes envision your best lighting points below the cabinets. So you avoid shadows on the work surface and you can work in a pleasant way. Lighting under the wall cabinets also creates atmosphere and accentuates the splash wall. To prevent you rarely use lighting or forget to turn off, you can also connect them to the same circle of light and general lighting.

A few tips when choosing kitchen lighting

  • Try as much as possible to work with lighting fixtures that are 360° adjustable. So you can easily pull out the kitchen regardless of the position of the light point.
  • When you cook every day, pretty soon, a layer of dirt come your fixtures. So choose always to easy to clean lighting. Ideally, luminaires in which the lamp is closed off by a glass plate.
  • Try to place the switches of different light circuits together. This avoids unnecessary wakes up when you leave the kitchen and you are sure that all lighting circuits will be used effectively.
  • Do you have high ceilings? You can bring more atmosphere by choosing a striking pendant lamp over your kitchen table or kitchen island. Also can provide a surprising entirely a combination of several small hanging lamps.

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